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2003 BMW 318
Reviewed 07 Nov 2016

Half leather cream seats. I have it almost for a year, never gave me any problems.

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2007 BMW 318
Reviewed 09 Apr 2014

Looks great, runs great, comfortable drive, good suspension, superb very smooth engine, extremely reliable, had three of them (first was given to my former wife, second was crashed). Downsides are; not much space in the boot, not very stable in the snow, being rear wheel drive, so winter tyres are recommended. There are way too many of them around, but that could be a good thing, as the spares are plenty.

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2000 BMW 318
Reviewed 21 Oct 2011

I have been driving this car now for about 10 months and I am happy with my choice. I only have the 1.9l petrol engine and ( as usual) i would have liked to be able to run a 6 cylinders engine if i could aford it. The sound from a 6 pot BMW is unmistakeble. But my engine is very quiet when warms up and it makes a nice growel when pushed a bit harder. Good power distribution through the range i find too. As regards to economy i am pleasently surprised I must say. On average in town it does about 30-35 mpg but i had a go at keeping it at 90-100 kmph on a motorway long run and the computer on board was showing @ 50mpg overall :-) The colour and body kit can make a E46 coupe look so different pending on choice! Mine is a topaz blue and not much kit on it and I think it looks a balance of sporty, elegance and subtill which does it for me. I did replace the masive 19" MOMO arrows fitted on it when i bought it for few reasons- even though maked the car look more mean and sportier- I liked...- the handling and ride felt compromised and also the cost of replacing those tires was huge so i went with elegant original OEM BMW 16" ( rare style 63). The model I have has all the extras bar from leather interior(yam,yam) end electric seats and most of it works perfect. I must say that the car feels very well screwd together but i did see samples trashed with bits hanging off - i put that mostly to careless owners.... Little to differentiate in quality feel between my old (00) E class and this (00) BM-er. The ride now in this car feels very acomplished- good road holding, sporty and stabil but not harsh and bountsy but actualy very smooth over bumps and pot halls. The tail slips a bit if you push it on wet roundabouts but the steering gives great feed back and is very acurate. Just as a note the old Continental contisport fitted originaly on the 16" alloys had a better grip on wet corners than my current new YOKOHAMA's. The interior is well designed and it does feel that is surounding the driver. because the coupe is a bit lower than average saloon getting in and out is taking use to and the doors are large so you do need a bit more space to make it confortable-- not easy in a tight car park.. For a car of this age it had a few niggles but most of them are sorted- nearly all of them tipical to e46- starter motor replaced, some sort of intake membrane and need it a new steering rack because the huge 19" have worn the original one. But it brings a smile to the face once you get inti the car.

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