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1995 BMW 518
Reviewed 08 Jan 2008

Very comfortable car. A little thirsty, i average 27mpg. Bit gutless, but who's in a hurry? Stylish classic shape. Parts cheap online. Very practical everyday luxury car.

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1994 BMW 518
Reviewed 08 Mar 2007

An excellent car if you find a good one, my ones been very reliable if a little hard on juice. Pretty gutless from standstill but once up to speed overtaking is surprisingly easy. They are a well built car and my one sailed through it's nct recently. If you want luxury at an affordable price, you'll do well to beat this.

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1992 BMW 518
Reviewed 19 Dec 2005

very comfortable car to travel in,reliable and very good on petrol would recomende it to anyone.Just make sure you change oil regularly and keep it serviced .

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