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2001 BMW M5
Reviewed 29 Dec 2008

astonishing power awesome throaty V8 sound. A real head turner.The best colour combination black on black. fantastic car to drive. the best car i've driven so far. power like this isnt cheap, but definitely worth it.

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2008 BMW M5
Reviewed 19 May 2008

This car is simply an epic. The car's technology and performance is simply second to none. With the current surge towards greeener cars this car will be sorely missed in terms of bhp and handling. It will be interesting to see if there will be any signifciant changes between this car and next gereration M5. It does enjoy the thirst for oil and petrol but with a litre of petrol still significantly cheaper than a litre of the black stuff. it's definitely worth it.

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2005 BMW M5
Reviewed 12 Mar 2008

2006 M5. This is an astonishing car. Massive acceleration and handling. It is a car of astonishing ability. However, costs are high especially petrol. It averages 15-16mpg and loves oil. It breaks my heart every time I get a bill for the car but once you sit in it, turn the engine on you say 'fuck it - its worth it'. Simply Unbeatable!

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