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2012 Citroen DS 5
Reviewed 06 Jan 2015

I bought a DS5 in 2012, it was a top spec model with all the extras. To be honest it was well kitted out, and fairly comfortable. It was very good on a motorway, or for long drives. There were however a few problems with it. Firstly, the rear suspension is far too hard, when you move off motorways it is shockingly poor, and this affects the comfort level significantly. Secondly, the satnav is the worst system that I have ever come across. The maps are way out of date, and it is impossible to search for an address, particularly in Dublin. Also the POI's are very old and not very extensive. Thirdly, the massage function on the drivers seat is the worst I have ever come across. Fourthly, there is no spare wheel. I bought a space saver and afterwards discovered that it only fits the back wheel (it does not fit over the front break callipers). This means that if you get a puncture on a front wheel, you will have to put the space saver on the back, and put the back wheel on the front. It shocks me that a car manufacturer would be that inconsiderate to their customers. Fifthly, the entertainment system occasionally just stops working and needs to be rebooted, this means switching off the ignition, and this is a bad option on a motorway. Overall it is well equipped, but most things don't quite work as well as they should. You would be better off with a car that has less stuff, but with everything working properly. This was the only car that I have ever sold after less than a year, and my experience was enough to turn me off ever buying another French car.

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