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2008 Citroen Nemo
Reviewed 08 Dec 2016

Extremely economical to run.

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2010 Citroen Nemo
Reviewed 27 Nov 2014

Bought from new this is a very comfy and nippy van. Have put up 128000km and reasonably happy with it. Had issues with tyre wear on drivers side which was down to a caliper sticking. Lights around heating controls work when ever they see fit. Recently the EGR valve has been giving problems. It's a €270+ cost excluding installation. Very economical as I'm getting circa 57mpg. Bought it as my main mode of transport as I'm not in any trade. If you're a plumber, carpenter etc I'd advise roof bars as the cargo area is just over 5ft so you wont get anything long into it. Overall, I'm happy with it.

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