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2012 Fiat 500C
Reviewed 11 Apr 2014

Living in the city centre I had the necessity to look for a compact and easy car to handle in traffic. Looking at the new car models, I found the new supermini FIAT 500 1.2 super compact and super trendy. The line is a modern interpretation of the style of its ancestor. In this version the car is equipped with the Stop & Start devise which gives a little contribution to the environmental protection. The steering system it is very light. The comfort is good. The interior design is pretty well finished and really stylish, and the quality of the materials used is quite impressive. The space inside isn’t too small and it would fit 4 people, but the sits on the front are more comfortable and better formed than the once at the back .Pity that the compartments are few and very small, and that in front of the passenger rather than the classic drawer, there is a simple shelf with no door. The car is very light and is performing well, really great with the roof down. It is very practical and versatile in city, but it can be enjoyable on the highway too. If you are looking for a handy but solid city car with a very reasonable price, I would definitely recommend it.

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