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2005 Ford Focus C-MAX
Reviewed 05 Dec 2016

Having had the car for over a year, I have been largely impressed with it. It's easy to drive, thanks to its slightly lofty driving position, and has good all-round visibility (with the possible exception of the wide pillars at the front, due to the sweeping windscreen). The boot is a decent size, and has a plastic tray so it's easy to keep clean. The shape means it can store small suitcases upright. The engine (2.0 TDCi) is a little noisy but has great pull, so much so that I can usually change up below 2500rpm. The 6-speed box makes long motorway journeys easy, and 5th has enough pull for overtaking. Economy-wise I get 35mpg around the city, and high 50s on the motorway. The best I ever got was 63mpg (doing 65mph in 6th at 1750rpm!) It can seat 5 adults, though I've only done that over short distances. The middle back seat is removable, and the outer rear seats can slide backwards into the boot-space to provide even more legroom. There are trays and cup-holders aplenty, and even footwell storage behind the front seats. Having driven 10000 miles in it, overall I'm happy with the C-Max, given its age, and - whilst I can't speak for the smaller engines - mine has been more enjoyable to drive than some make out.

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2007 Ford Focus C-MAX
Reviewed 23 Oct 2016

It's in very good condition

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2007 Ford Focus C-MAX
Reviewed 25 Nov 2009

Great car, reliable diesel and great to drive..very comfortable

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