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1990 Ford Ka
Reviewed 01 Dec 2016

My First car - I was the third owner. It was rusting. It was gold. Got me from A to B. Had it for 3 years during college - I loved it!

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2004 Ford Ka
Reviewed 30 Sep 2010

I only had it for 3 months. Unfortunately I crashed into a van and the chassis was bent as a result. So not very strong (3 star ENCAP crash protection). I found the interior a bit on the cheap side and overall not as refined as my current VW Lupo. The engine was free reving but not very economical- it is quite old design. The drive was involving and the steering very direct but as most of the small cars there is understeer when pushed a bit.

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1999 Ford Ka
Reviewed 24 Jun 2009

Lovely little car. I can very much recommend it as a first car, even if you're a bloke. It's one of the more spacious minis in the front and the 1.3 engine gives it plenty of acceleration. The boot is tiny and awkward, but there is reasonable leg space on the back seats.

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