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1996 Ford Scorpio
Reviewed 02 Dec 2005

The car oozes class and charisma, she is the ultimate in driving comfort, offering an unrivalled level of trim and spec. I bought the car secondhand and it needed a lot of cosmetic work, but having done this Im left wit an incerdibly powerful, spacious and eminently comfortable machine that will happily take down any comparable model, and leave it in the shadow. An excellent car, definitely worth the gamble, even given the 'ugly' badge that she has been given.

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1997 Ford Scorpio
Reviewed 04 Nov 2005

This car cost me L1000 in June 2005 it is in very good condition and you would have to give it a mark of 98% for condition.The car has a manual transmission and is fitted with so many gadgets ,this model of scorpio is without any doubt whatsoever far better than any BMW or Jag or indeed any Mercedes and believe me I have driven them all and they cannot hold a candle to the ford scorpio it just goes to show how good ford can be. It is a shame that people consider this model ugly as obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder,but I think this car is beautiful in every way. Buy one now whilst they are still around.

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1998 Ford Scorpio
Reviewed 25 Aug 2004
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