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2014 Hyundai I130
Reviewed 15 Jul 2015

Hyundai i30 1.6 Tourer Auto Deluxe Diesel. Got this Car on the 2nd January 2014 and so far have only done 6,500KM and it only used about 600 Litres of Diesel. Can someone tell me my average MPG? The Fuel Gage for Distance to next fill goes to --- when there is at least 5 Litres left in the Tank. The Dealer says that particular function is not to be relied on so they did not bother sorting it. The ride is quite good but it is very noisy around town or stuck in traffic. I can hardly wait until January to get rid of it. My last Car was a 2 Litre Passat Diesel (not the Bluemotion)which the fuel gauges worked to perfection and I got at least twice the mileage of this car.

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