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2002 Hyundai XG
Reviewed 17 Jun 2006

The great thing about this car is no one has a clue what your driving. The XG has loads of extras which are all standard way to many to mention. If your looking for a cruising car then this is the one. Also it has a trip tronic gearbox if you want to be the boy racer. When you compare this car to the S Class Merc the only thing you dont get is the badge BUT why pay over 100K for the S class when you can pick an XG up for little money and still have the very same spec and driving experience. I love this car and i'll hold onto it for many years to come. The only thing i dont like is the Air Con. It doesnt blow enough cold air and this is well known in the XG's. As well it has very high depreciation but if your buying one second hand then your lauging your way to the bank.

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2001 Hyundai XG
Reviewed 26 Sep 2005

The Hyundai XG is very comfortable car with excellent acceleration. In my view it give much better performance for its price than all comparable cars in its price range. Where it falls down badly is image as a Hyundai does not have the cachet of a BMW, a Jag or a Merc. For those who want value rather than power trips, however, the XG beats the others into the ground. Unfortunately, image tends to be more important and I suspect the resale value will reflect this when I decide to move on.

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