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2002 Jaguar XJ8
Reviewed 23 Oct 2009

great family car,strong,safe,reliable..yes people ask you about mpg...but 26 mpg on a long trip and 18 around town compares well even with 2 litre petrol cars....i have driven them all! this is my 4th jag and is a great 2nd car!!you can buy well..i am currently selling my 2002 xj8 sport for 9900.(to buy another)..a great buy for a car that was 95,000 new!!! they have all the extras that you could think of!! when heading off on a family trip with 3 kids....coulnd't be in a better vehicle!!safe and grace with pace!!

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1999 Jaguar XJ8
Reviewed 10 Dec 2007

Great car.Lovely to drive. Got it seerviced in Belfast cheaper.Fuel bills are high but that aside a great car to be in

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1998 Jaguar XJ8
Reviewed 24 Feb 2005

If you are buying a jaguar go for models after 98 in the xj series.

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