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1990 Mazda 323
Reviewed 21 Mar 2012

I have used the 323F hatchback, or Astina as many prefer to call it. My version is the 16V SOCH 1.8L gas engine. The smaller one. It is a quick little car, for its specifications I find it tight in the corners and a great deal of fun on the road. It also amuses many thanks to its pop-up lights and sporty look. I have had this car for about 5 years now and although it is certainly going towards its end soon it still good piece of machinery that start and runs without complaining.

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2002 Mazda 323
Reviewed 06 Aug 2010

1.3 hatch was very impresive little go-er can seat 4 passengers well . i thrashed it as young driver including unseen hump jump at bout 40 to 50 mph 8 foot air and tore up tarmac with chasis on landing no effect on car .reliable beyond beleif considering i treated like rally car even off roaded in curragh and along wexford coast on regular occasions . realy defied logic how never developed problem . outran 1.6 saloons pushed hard and got great cornering that suprised . stiff back on two or more hour drive rough bumps could jolt . feel good car and easy town car could get to inch perfect manouver from all angle seats folded down in way base lift tilt and go against front seats while back part folded flat or clips and slots allowed back seats to be removed in 10 - 15 mins . used to move house twice . very handy

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2003 Mazda 323
Reviewed 16 Jun 2009

Perfect reliable family car

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