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1996 Mitsubishi Space Wagon
Reviewed 05 Oct 2009

My car is the facelift model, introduced for late 1995. This has been a pleasure to own and drive over the last ten years. It is reliable, practical, and durable. At the time it was bought I was also considering an Opel Zafira, and a Renault Espace. The look of the car,, reported reliability, and also the price swayed me to buy the Spacewagon, and I have not been disappointed. It is incredibly car like in its seating position, and also its handling. The rear seats are suitable only for children, and boot space when they are being used is miniscule, but aside from that there are very few drawbacks. Thirteen years on and the interior is still immaculate, there is no rust, or flaky paint, and it is sturdily built, so no bits have fallen off or broken inside. I have no intention of getting rid of this car until it becomes uneconomical to repair it, as it is almost as capable as the day I bought it.

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2002 Mitsubishi Space Wagon
Reviewed 13 Feb 2009

beautful car, great to drive, fast and comfortable, loved it so i bought another one

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1999 Mitsubishi Space Wagon
Reviewed 15 Sep 2007

Great family car. Very reliable. Never had any issues with it

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