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2012 Nissan Pulsar
Reviewed 30 Nov 2016

Great space, great practicality but lacks fun. Good family car. I got mine in 2015.

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1991 Nissan Pulsar
Reviewed 02 Oct 2009

I'm couldn't be more than about 93% certain on this, but as far as I know this car is the coolest car ever made, i've driven m3's and lambos in my time, but nothing can compare to awsomeness of the Pulsar GTiR, point 1, lots of power and potential for a lot more, point 2, 4wd for throwing into the bends, point 3, electric mirrors in a car that's almost 20 years old, point 4, compartment for an umbrella hidden behind the drivers door....... 2 words, Absolutely Rad........prove me wrong....

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1998 Nissan Pulsar
Reviewed 14 Sep 2008
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