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2005 Nissan Tino
Reviewed 08 Jan 2017

Best car I've ever had, great space and reliable Never had a problem with the car until now engine stuttering. Regular serviced with Local Main Street Car Mechanic.

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2001 Nissan Tino
Reviewed 05 Nov 2008

I love this car, I've had a couple of kids and I feel confident when driving with them in the back. I know the interior is a wee bit boring, but I do really love it. It looks well, handles well and didn't cost me a fortune to buy.

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2002 Nissan Tino
Reviewed 08 Sep 2008

Car scores high in the ncap tests for safety..i just find it so boring to drive and it drinks petrol 100 miles to 20euro. they are a great car just would prefer something a bit less boring !!!

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