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1994 Opel Omega
Reviewed 23 Oct 2009

3.0 litre petrol MV 6. Lovely car, well spec'd, full leather pack, pity about the plastic wood effect. Very quick car for its size, let down by disposable engines that run too hot. Also front suspensions not strong enough for the weight. Difficult to work on engine, but to tight fit in engine bay.

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2000 Opel Omega
Reviewed 22 Oct 2009

This is for the omega elite 2.5. V6 engine purrs smoothly and is very refined. Its a bit thirsty with an average of 26-27 mpg for my mix of town/motorway driving. The most underrated car you can buy. Rear wheel drive makes it a real drivers car even for its size it handles very well. Spec is excellent, heated seats front and back, electric memory seats and mirrors. Cruise, dual climate, xenons and more. A good one will cost you less than €4k and you wont get anything to match it apart from a merc/audi/bmw.

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1995 Opel Omega
Reviewed 09 Aug 2009

not a bad car but service with opel dealers is far too expensive against the value of the car it made no sence to maintain it they are getting fewer because of this

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