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2001 Peugeot 607
Reviewed 16 Jan 2009

nice car,great drive,but main dealer parts and service are crazy prices

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2005 Peugeot 607
Reviewed 20 Jun 2007

The Car itself is alright - nothing special. the 1600 HDI is vastly under powered for the size of the car - the turbo is laggy as well which doesn't help matters - once you're in the boost zone it moves, but only just. The dealer I got it from was just horrible to deal with - I actually ended up getting the problem sorted at a different dealer ship. (My guy didn't return calls and such non-sense) The seats are very hard - but the suspension is quite soft, so you end up with a wobbly yet hard ride..not nice. Everybody drives a Pug - hence the 0 in image. Interior is ok - no more, no less. Pricing is fair, and I know the Pug diesles are bulletproof. An alright car, nothing exceptional. Pity about the bad dealers.

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2002 Peugeot 607
Reviewed 21 Dec 2006

Very luxurious car.Loads of room and beautiful in black.Very good value at four years old for a luxury car.

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