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2006 Porsche 911
Reviewed 17 Nov 2016

Awesome car, had the Carrera 4S convertible. Awesome performance, cool styling, sound system to die for but really expensive to run. Cost 2k to replace brakes and disks (Belgard Porsche refused to change pads on their own as they said Porsche wouldn't allow them) Also they eat tyre's and at €500 a corner for Bridgestones it's not long racking up the bills

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2003 Porsche 911
Reviewed 13 Nov 2016

Very tight , nice driver, great performance, great looks

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2006 Porsche 911
Reviewed 01 Oct 2009

I’ve owned 3 Porsches, a Boxster and two 911’s, the 911 I’m driving now is a C4S bought from new in 06 (the 998 serious). The car itself is awesome, drives as a Porsche should, plenty of power just when you need it and all the refinements you’d expect. I’ve almost done 70,000km, it’s used as my every day car and as it’s tip-tronic, it’s effortless to drive. My previous one was manual which is more cumbersome to drive in town, wouldn’t buy a manual again. When I bought it new, I got a long list of extras some of which on reflection weren’t worth the extra spend, the Sports Chromo Pack is a complete waste of money unless you intent to race it, also the Porsche in car phone system is rubbish, it requires you to take your sim card out of your phone and put it into to the car each time you get in, a waste of time. Porsche also refused to give me an iPod connection for the stereo. Sports exhaust makes the car sound great (even louder) but in reality I only ever use it to show people what it sounds like, same story with the sports suspension, yes if you want to race it but on a normal road it’s no fun. Heated seats are top class as is the upgraded stereo system, both worth every penny and if your buying a used one, make sure they have them! You won’t get insurance on this car unless you have a tracker, worth thinking about when buying as it’s another €1,000 to have it installed and another €200 per year to be monitored.

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