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1996 Saab 9000
Reviewed 06 May 2006

Bought last oct. Very enjoyable car. look after a saab and it will look after you

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1993 Saab 9000
Reviewed 29 Sep 2005

Smooth, safe, fast, cruiser! Ridiculous spec for the money! Leather seats, Automatic, Turbo. Very economical on long runs. Car is only ticking over at 120Kph!!! Not the most eco around town but not that bad! Make sure you watch the oil levels on Turbo's!!! Throw a drop in every week or two.

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1997 Saab 9000
Reviewed 14 Jun 2005

THis is my second 9000, I sold the previous one with 210K on the clock. Great car for the money

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