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1999 Subaru Legacy II
Reviewed 22 Oct 2009

Mine had 80K on the clock. It was a factory standard 2.5 GX. It had all the bells and whistles (leather, cruise control, heated seats, heated wind mirrors etc etc...) Absolutely fantastic car to drive. Suitable as a family car but avoid the leather trim as it passengers at the back tend to slip sideways while cornering :) Leather also practical for totures of family life. Powerful engine, less fuel consumption then a 2.0 litre Mitsubishi Galant. Very reliable car.

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2003 Subaru Legacy II
Reviewed 14 Dec 2005

I had a Nissan Terrano 4x4, and needed a more comfortable and better performing car, but wanted to retain 4x4 capability. Was looking for an A6 Quattro Estate and baulked at the cost. Then found the Subaru Outback, which has all the qualities of the Audi, at around 2/3 of the cost. Thanks to high depreciation I bought this 2003 model for €28k, over €10k less than the equivalent Audi. So far it has lived up to its reliability reputation, there is not one thing wrong with it and I have already done 10k miles. Dealer Service - haven't a clue as I have not had to call on them yet. It is a comfortable, smooth 4x4 with the only drawback that it is somewhat lacking in outward design. The 2.5 is thirsty at 26mpg round town, maybe 34 max on a long run, but that is offset by its low purchase cost.

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