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2001 Audi A2
Reviewed 05 Sep 2008

The windscreen wiper is 29 inches so you can only get it from a Audi main dealer. Other than the problems above for the rest of the year the car is good, economical and practical.

2003 Audi A2
Reviewed 28 Jul 2007

2001 Audi A2
Reviewed 09 Jan 2006

The fuel economy is brilliant, 50+ mpg on the open road but it can fall to the low 40's in city driving. Loads of torque for overtaking especially as it is constructed of aluminium meaning that there is very little for the engine to pull along. The car is very narrow, four adults max. The foot wells in the back are deep enough for adults to sit on the rear seat without feeling squashed. The boot is small. There is a hidden area under the boot floor which increases the capacity, though not by much. As with all Audi's the suspension has been set very hard which can be a pain with our dreadful roads but it pays off in the corners with plenty of traction or as good as the narrow wheels can muster. I would never buy one new as the price is crippling but as a second hand car its a brilliant purchase. The big plus is that it will never be updated as it has gone out of production and so can can never be outdated by newer A2's.

2001 Audi A2
Reviewed 22 Apr 2005

Incredibly cheap to run and very nippy car. A lot bigger than it looks.

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