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2008 Audi Q7
Reviewed 23 Oct 2009

I Love the car, find it a brilliant drive. Audi have managed to produce a very big SUV that drives and handels better than alot of cars. We have 2 toddlers so find the boot space invaluable, buggies, travelcots, toys bring it on, this dog can take the lot. Tip for Audi, sort out the tyre wear issue.

2006 Audi Q7
Reviewed 24 Jul 2009

Great family car, everybody fits including the dog

2008 Audi Q7
Reviewed 13 Jul 2009


2008 Audi Q7
Reviewed 11 Jan 2009

Had a Touareg before the Q7. The Q7 is just so much better, and thats not to say the Touareg is a bad SUV because it's not

2007 Audi Q7
Reviewed 02 Jul 2008

I Had A 2007 BMW X5 I Traded In Because The I-Drive Was Much To Hard To Use The Audis MMI Is A Much Easier System To Use.

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