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1999 Bentley Continental GT
Reviewed 13 May 2015

If you're looking for a real luxury This car model has really smooth handling ,spacious and the interior is covered head to toe in leather had one for about 6 years

2005 Bentley Continental
Reviewed 26 May 2006

Bought it for 250 bags of sand after a win at the dog's. It was a choice between this and a Toyota Landcruiser - which in hind sight might have been a better option as i am a muck savage of a farmer. Got a towbar fitted but had to grind off the back bumper and a few bits as the bentley wasnt designed for a towbar. Any way while towing a twin axle 25ft cattle trailer full of disgruntled cattle up the Naas dual carriage way doing about a ton, the tow bar came off and several tons of cattle ran into the car. The trailer burst open and the cattle, which were previously disgruntled, ran a-mock on my paint work. I now use my 1981 David Browne for road use and keep the bentley for the fields

2005 Bentley Continental
Reviewed 02 Feb 2006

Great car to drive, and I love they way everyone looks at you whenever you drive around the city... Its beautifully formed, just like myself...

2004 Bentley Arnage
Reviewed 26 May 2005

Secure car that protects me from peasants that I have to share the road with.

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