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1995 BMW 525
Reviewed 02 Nov 2011

Another one from the memory. I loved this car at first site. and it didn't disapoint. Very powerfull engine combined with the performant 5 speed auto (TDS AUTO MODEL). It was the touring(estate) version and it was masive inside and outside but very confortable and very nimble with a nice acurate steering as a BMW should be. while most of other car manufacturer (including Mercedes) still had 3-4 gears auto , bmw had come up with this 5 gears. Great for cruising at high speeds but it did drop fairly quickly when it got to any slope. the engine was fabulos - at idle speed did sounded like a bus but once you started reving it was like any other 6 pot petrol- very smooth. I did try it in a manual BMer and i did not like as regarding the power band distribution, but combined with the auto was GREAT. Quality and top engineering are typical BMW and the full leather interior looked great and were well. My car was at least 160k mls( possible 260k mls if my suspicions are correct) and was still tight and neat

1996 BMW 525
Reviewed 02 Oct 2009

Great car to drive responsive engine with smooth auto gearbox!Confiest seats ive ever sat in!!!Incredible luxury for the year!!only downside costly to run!!!

1996 BMW 525
Reviewed 02 Oct 2009

Great car to drive smooth gearbox and suspension for year,leather seats are like sitting in two lazyboy armchairs!!!mileage on my own at the mo is 125k!Sadly things are starting to go wrong and parts as i have found out(280+VAT for a stupid heater valve!!) are very expensive!!!!would defo buy a newer model but i suggest unless you enjoy spending money fixing your car stay away for anything before 98-99

2001 BMW 525
Reviewed 23 Aug 2008

Pros.Spacious, comfortable,quiet. responsive engine. Cons.Steep running/servicing costs.

1989 BMW 525
Reviewed 30 May 2007


1993 BMW 525
Reviewed 17 Sep 2006

excellent performance and handling 40mpg bit old now . still can embarass a lot of 06 drivers

2004 BMW 525
Reviewed 11 Jul 2006

bmw cars depreciating in value at an alarming rate thanks to the dealers setting the second hand prices so low , in order to sell on cars quickly.

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