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2015 Fiat Ducato
Reviewed 15 May 2017

Excellent clean van. €16K + Vat @23% Sold with Vat receipt

2005 Fiat Doblo
Reviewed 26 Apr 2017

I drew Fiat all my life, small vans like all Fiorino versions and drove all over Europe, this is a bigger version and still very practical and comfortable. It's sized for city traffic and driving well and stable in motorways and for long miles. The only gap in Ireland are the mechanics. they have been able to damage one of these I bought before and unable to fix properly, because most of them are sloppy and go for fashion and superstition, or maybe they try to get the car for parts. It's super instead

2006 Fiat Multipla
Reviewed 29 Jan 2017

The Multipla is a brilliant design - it does what it is designed for far better than anything else in the MPV market. All is wrong is the badge!! Imagine if Audi/VW or Toyota etc came out with something like this? Honda tried with the FRV but did not get the space or visibility right. From other reviews (UK based mainly), Fiat dealers don't get good press and probably have damaged the brand. Well we have owned two Multipla diesels and brought them to high mileages (167000 and 184000miles) with no serious problems. They have never left us down actually at any stage - never once failed to start or drive. The engines are pretty bullet proof - yes you will probably blank (€30) or replace (€150) the EGR valve and have to deal with a DPF at 150,000 miles plus - but that's better than most common rail diesels! Clutch and DMF will last 130,000miles plus. (By the way, FIAT developed the now universal common rail diesel and licensed it to Bosch etc to produce for other manufacturers!). The suspension will rattle and need new front wishbones or just bushes every 60,000 miles and drop links and ARB bushes and rear trailing arms every 100,000 miles. The cars are not hard to work on. Engine electrics are reliable. Yes the seat trim gets damaged by the seatbelts and the inside can get a bit tatty if abused by kids, but not excessively so. The big problem is it's looks and the polarised views that this and the fact that it has a Fiat badge brings - usually from people who havn't owned them. With over 350,000 miles on two diesel ones, I disagree, the design wins over all!!

2003 Fiat Punto
Reviewed 18 Jan 2017

Great little run about

2007 Fiat Grande Punto
Reviewed 18 Jan 2017

great car for the money

2009 Fiat Qubo
Reviewed 29 Dec 2016

Car is in excellent condition. first to view will buy.

2009 Fiat Qubo
Reviewed 12 Dec 2016

2009 Fiat Qubo, 48ooo miles. service record available. Very little used. Owner now living in UK. 10mns from M50 Exit 5. Phone 087 251 3068

1992 Fiat Cinquecento
Reviewed 30 Nov 2016

Ahhhh my first car. Learned to drive in one of these

2002 Fiat Stilo
Reviewed 12 Oct 2016

Body kit and spoiler, recently had gearbox and clutch done.

2016 Fiat 500
Reviewed 11 Oct 2016

I love it as a city car - easy to drive, (it is automatic and manual), easy to park, and economical


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