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2007 Lexus IS
Reviewed 28 Mar 2009

The Passenger Cabin is quite 'tight' Tall pasengers(anyone over 5ft 9ins) will feel abit cramped and claustraphobic as the Sunroof knocks a good 3 inches off the interior headroom. Also only 2 passengers can travel in comfort in the rear as the 'bump' in the middle is most uncomfortable to sit on even for a minute let alone on a car journey (if you have kids forget it), and the already tight headroom inthe rear is even less. The LowProfile wheels are not practical for Irish Rural Roads. (Fine on Motorways and roads with smooth tarmac). A lot of thumping and wheel shudder can be felt, as the suspension cant cope. The GEARBOX ratios are all wrongly spaced. And you will noticed this after driving, say, a AUDI or BMW. And may explain the poor fuel economy. This is disappointing as you would expect a high degree of refinement in a Executive brand such as LEXUS, to go with its image of Quality, Engineering, and Style. In fact if you were thinking of buying a 220d DONT! BUY THE NEW AVENSIS. Practically the same car (smaller Lexus)and for less money !!

2001 Lexus IS
Reviewed 12 Dec 2008

129000 miles and still drives like new bulletproof

2000 Lexus IS
Reviewed 06 Nov 2008

drinks petrol stay away way from them might be flash but not worth the hassel

2000 Lexus IS
Reviewed 29 Oct 2008

I changed my old car Subaru Legacy B4 expecting to hate this car but turned out to love it, handles amazingly through corners and makes a lovely noise when going up through the straight six gear box!

1998 Lexus LS
Reviewed 19 Oct 2008

Looks ordinary but is unique.V8 engine is a pleasure to drive-super fast-smooth as creamy chocolate! fab gear changes-get one before the tax man has us all driving small diesel hatchbacks!

2006 Lexus IS
Reviewed 12 Oct 2008

when u open the door the water droplets (from rain, dew, etc)they fell down onto the seat (door side of it)..i think the designer should think of doing something about it..

2006 Lexus GS
Reviewed 10 Oct 2008

Typical Lexus but with 30mpg economy and superb kit level. Usual Lexus shortcomings ie. poor suspension, unsupportive driver's seat. Very unsporting but a comfortable drive.

2000 Lexus IS
Reviewed 28 Aug 2008

Great car to dive, very comfortable. However it is very heavy on petrol. Its cost around €90 to fill at €1.35 a ltr. You get about 450 miles for a full tank. When yu compare that to a Audi a4 that can do approx 650 miles for a full tank.

2006 Lexus RX
Reviewed 22 Jun 2008

Great car,a lot of space and very comfortable. I love this car but would buy the hybrid the next time.

2005 Lexus GS
Reviewed 22 Jan 2008

Excellent car and spec is better than all competitor models

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