Driver Reviews - Mini

2015 Mini One
Reviewed 13 Feb 2018

Excellent vehicle, great mileage and chunky secure ride. great handling and dependability

2005 Mini One
Reviewed 22 Mar 2017

Beautiful little car, a real head turner

2006 Mini One
Reviewed 20 Mar 2017

Car is in excellent condition clean inside and out

2005 Mini One
Reviewed 15 Mar 2017

2006 Mini Cooper S
Reviewed 27 Feb 2017

Impressive how much you can fit in a mini (I've moved house using it) however with a baby and putting in a baby chair in a 3 doors car it's not the best. It's great fun to drive I've had it loaded with IKEA furniture and you wouldn't notice the difference driving it.

2006 Mini Cooper
Reviewed 12 Jan 2017

Super sporty fun car

2012 Mini Cooper
Reviewed 28 Nov 2016


2007 Mini One
Reviewed 16 Nov 2016

Lovely car to drive, low on petrol, great city car, comfortable.

2013 Mini One
Reviewed 10 Oct 2016

Having my old mini side-by-side with this Mini one - it's huge!

2006 Mini One
Reviewed 22 Oct 2009

Beautiful car, great fun and definitely one for standing out in the crowd! Diesel which means it is not a smooth gearstick change. Great performing car, Spacious and interior very attractive and quirky.


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