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1998 Rover 200
Reviewed 31 Mar 2009

Buy a Nissan Micra instead the window's won't fall out of them.

2001 Rover 75
Reviewed 31 Jan 2009

pleasure to drive auto box maker life so much easier than feel cocooned by the luxurious interior.feels like you're driving a far more expensive car.

2001 Rover 75
Reviewed 22 Dec 2008

level of comfort style reliability on a par with much dearer cars would have no hesitation in buying another amazing value as second hand out of nth irl

2001 Rover 75
Reviewed 27 Mar 2008

beautiful car. i would buy one again.

1999 Rover 200
Reviewed 26 Mar 2008

1997 Rover 400
Reviewed 21 Mar 2008

good body but still the rover!!!

1999 Rover 600
Reviewed 20 Feb 2008

Wonderful cars, I always liked Rovers and these ones are fantastic. Honda engine and gearbox mean bullet proof reliability. Sold it after 6 months, very easy to sell. I see they are now available for less than €2500 from garages, utter bargains. Leather, ABS, air con, electic everything, serious value. I will probably buy another at some stage. Only thing bad about them is the economy around town, 20 ish mpg, I had a 175bhp Celica that was marginally better. Don't let miles put you off, they will do 200/300 K no probs. A 130K car should still feel tight to drive.

2002 Rover 45
Reviewed 23 Jan 2008

Excellant car!

2004 Rover 75
Reviewed 17 Jan 2008

1998 Rover 400
Reviewed 02 Jan 2008

Amazing car the K series engine I love it! power to weight ratio best in its class. Have an MG now! with alll the same lovely features! All you fools that give this car less than 90% are mad. youve just been corupted by that sadistic prick Jeremy Clarkson

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