Driver Reviews - Rover 214

1997 Rover 214
Reviewed 14 Nov 2006

Goes like stink and is great crack to drive for a car of this class, not the owrst looking either. Downs sides are almost everything else, especially the reliability and the seats are awful.

1994 Rover 214
Reviewed 16 Jan 2006

It's clocked up 160,000 miles now and I can't complain. It uses hardly any oil, starts first time and costs very little to run. Mmm, perhaps I'll keep it for now!

1997 Rover 214
Reviewed 24 Feb 2005

avoid like the plague. 1996 - 1998 models have shocking biuld quality. besides all the problems above you were never sure if the damn thing was going to start. countless mechanics couldnt find fault. finally gave up when timing belt screwed the engine. sold to the first taker for 120 euro! Rover, never!

1997 Rover 214
Reviewed 14 Jan 2005

1999 Rover 214
Reviewed 30 Sep 2004

1998 Rover 214
Reviewed 29 Apr 2004

The only real problem is the resale value. I bought mine at 2yrs old from the dealer for 8500IR pounds and am now looking to trade it in but am being offered very little. They seem to have a bad reputation but I|ve maintained mine well and have only ever put a few bulbs in and replaced wiper blades and not a penny on anything else...

1996 Rover 214
Reviewed 13 Apr 2004

1997 Rover 214
Reviewed 25 Nov 2003

Car finally gave up on N4 with baby in the car. Approached dealer to get a new engine and they said they would get it in but not fit it. (great after sales support !)

1998 Rover 214
Reviewed 03 Jun 2003

Rover deserve credit for the exceptional standard of finish which they gove to the car, every inch has that extra effort put in, in an age when the Major Marques al settle for grey or Black plastic and mundane interiors its nice to see. the car handles well on the road and is a very comfortable drive. Power is more than adequate and its a secure car for its class. Suprisingly fun to handle and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rover again.

1995 Rover 214
Reviewed 03 Mar 2003

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