Driver Reviews - Rover 400

1997 Rover 400
Reviewed 21 Mar 2008

good body but still the rover!!!

1998 Rover 400
Reviewed 02 Jan 2008

Amazing car the K series engine I love it! power to weight ratio best in its class. Have an MG now! with alll the same lovely features! All you fools that give this car less than 90% are mad. youve just been corupted by that sadistic prick Jeremy Clarkson

1997 Rover 400
Reviewed 08 May 2007

I reckon its the luck of the draw they either go problem free or just go plain feckin shite!!! but over all gud for myself. Wouldn buy another had one for to long..

1999 Rover 400
Reviewed 20 Apr 2006

stay away from them. crap crap crap

1998 Rover 400
Reviewed 06 Nov 2005

Acceleration is not fantastic, but once up to speed, it easily cruises with the big boys. A good reliable car with not bad looks. (My 4 door saloon looks better than 5 door hatch (!).

1999 Rover 400
Reviewed 26 Oct 2005

Worst car I have ever had the misfortune to own. Have had it for two years and had nothing but problems with it. Terrible car to drive, no power taking off,horrible handling, bunny hops in low gears, guzzles petrol. Never again...

1999 Rover 400
Reviewed 19 Apr 2005

Should be recycled as an ash-tray. No wonder Rover went bust! CAN'T WAIT TO GET RID OF IT. PIECE OF CRAP!!!

1998 Rover 400
Reviewed 16 Apr 2005

1997 Rover 400
Reviewed 01 Mar 2005

Very comfortable with plush ride quality, poor drivetrain (rover) good chassis and suspension (honda like) good value for money except for reliability which is sometimes below average - especially head gaskets giving trouble.

1996 Rover 400
Reviewed 20 Feb 2005

I used this car as a "Taxi", for some 4 years, it has now done 164K miles, and going strong.

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