Driver Reviews - Rover 45

2002 Rover 45
Reviewed 23 Jan 2008

Excellant car!

2002 Rover 45
Reviewed 13 Nov 2007

nice to drive but stopped being made so hard 2get parts. dealers didnt no wat they were at

2001 Rover 45
Reviewed 21 Aug 2006

1995 Rover 45
Reviewed 01 Dec 2005

Anyone who buys a new Rover, even at present giveaway prices,needs his head examined. The marque will not exist in five years tims, max. Owners won't be able to give their cars away,let alone trade them in. As for selling,forget it. Reputation is too well known.

2004 Rover 45
Reviewed 05 Oct 2005

An all round good buy

2003 Rover 45
Reviewed 30 Jun 2005

Excellant value for money, great features as standard in this car compared to Volkswagon and Opel etc.Very smooth and comfortable car. Reversing sensors are brill.

2004 Rover 45
Reviewed 30 Jun 2005

fantastic colour, great drive, smooth handling. lots of extras free!!. arm chair seats in front.

2003 Rover 45
Reviewed 23 Jun 2005

an excellent car, great value for money. a lot of extras for free in this car. Big boot space. very comfortable seats/driving position.Its such as pity that Rover has its current situation

2004 Rover 45
Reviewed 12 Jun 2005

Excellent car, and well kitted out, with climate control, leather interior, and lots of other extras, all for under €22000 when purchased in august 2004.

2000 Rover 45
Reviewed 18 Feb 2005

For some reason, it has a low resale value. Maybe because it is considered old fashioned style .Love it.

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