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2000 Rover 25
Reviewed 16 Dec 2007

i have it a year and never had it serviced once and it still goes like a topper! deadly little car for the money. Would make a savage little starter car.

2002 Rover 45
Reviewed 13 Nov 2007

nice to drive but stopped being made so hard 2get parts. dealers didnt no wat they were at

1992 Rover 800
Reviewed 16 Oct 2007

Cheap, reliable and very underated

1992 Rover 800
Reviewed 16 Oct 2007

L300 bargin!

2001 Rover 75
Reviewed 19 May 2007

traded in 528 bmw with tears but rover 75 has just blown me away not same power as bmw but lot more comfort, simply stunning inside lovely to drive just drove 5 hours yesterday and seats like an armchair,the secrets getting out lotta car not lotta money, dont think buy 1

2000 Rover 75
Reviewed 12 May 2007

this is a fantastic car.very reliable,hates petrol stations,very comfortable,i will be buying another one of these models again.

1997 Rover 400
Reviewed 08 May 2007

I reckon its the luck of the draw they either go problem free or just go plain feckin shite!!! but over all gud for myself. Wouldn buy another had one for to long..

2000 Rover 25
Reviewed 19 Jan 2007

Great car, bought from new and is driving very well, good value for money and is very reliable. Made a great first car.

1994 Rover 600
Reviewed 12 Jan 2007

I drove this car for 7 years and it never broke down, even with 135000 on the clock.

1997 Rover 214
Reviewed 14 Nov 2006

Goes like stink and is great crack to drive for a car of this class, not the owrst looking either. Downs sides are almost everything else, especially the reliability and the seats are awful.

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