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2011 Seat Ibiza
Reviewed 04 Nov 2016

Excellent Condition

2002 Seat Ibiza
Reviewed 14 Oct 2016

Good car for begginers Edited

2003 Seat Ibiza
Reviewed 03 Jan 2014

Great car for the price. I hate to be getting rid of it. Very reliable once regularly serviced. Obviously repairs will have to be made to any car so it's unfair to say that on a ten year old car you're not going to have some issues but overall I haven't had any major problems. Upgrading and upsizing otherwise I'd keep her for as long as she kept going. Hoping to get another Seat.

2005 Seat Cordoba
Reviewed 07 Feb 2012

good to drive, could do with sixth gear for motorway speeds (100km/h +) some electrical problems, dealers useless, HUGE boot for size of car. Interior feels better quality than a Skoda Fabia I drove.

2003 Seat Ibiza
Reviewed 12 Feb 2010

Car reviewed is the 1.2 petrol and is the daughters car. Reasonably comfortable, and just enough power. Helps if you are handy with a spanner though, after 9 months of ownership, window regulator dirivers door (€115 for the part alone), 2 front wishbones, 2 anti roll bar busings, i front balljoint (combined €180 for the parts). Headlamps are misting up, so will have to find a solution to that. All these issues are apparently common with the type, so buyer beware.

2004 Seat Altea
Reviewed 02 Nov 2009

it has an unusual shape. in the right colour it is a “looker”. it behaves well on the road. it feels better at higher speeds because the suspensions are on the hard side. inside is very spacious and seats are hard but well shaped. It has high seating.My in laws love it because it offers easy access for the older and not so fit people.The engine is a well proven 1.9 tdi from VW group. It is not v economical( it avg around 40mpg for city drives and around 45mpg at motorway) but I found it great for torque and overtaking is a v easy even in the 5-th gear. It only has 104 BHP but it is powerful enough for the size of the car even when fully loaded but I found it a bit noisy at low revs.I am not sure about the A pillars because are a bit wide so they create a considerable blind spot and the rear window is quite small as well. But so far, with extra care, you learn to manage OK. I find the gearbox precise and it feels a bit high geared(it’s like the car has 6 forward gears but they forgot to put in the first gear…..does it make sense????) Overall it feels great, well put together, and gave us 4 years of good honest service.

2007 Seat Leon
Reviewed 27 Oct 2009

Very stylish.spacious, economical and plenty of torque when needed for overtaking.For a diesel you can really throw it into a bend and it sticks to the road superbly.It has one of the easiest clutches on your left foot that I've ever encountered and makes for effortless driving.I get an average of 900 KMH to a tank and this is for mostly city driving, even better on the open road.

2008 Seat Leon
Reviewed 02 Oct 2009

I only had this car on loan, and clearly there was something wrong with it (well I hope there was) because it literally drank petrol. Interior is fine, looks are fine but all in all it ain't no golf! Looks or performance.

2005 Seat Alhambra
Reviewed 06 Aug 2009

Its a true Multi Purpose Vehicle. It carries kids, bikes, dogs, furniture etc. etc. Good economy 38ish m/p/g.

2005 Seat Altea
Reviewed 29 Jul 2009

just turned 70,000 miles, a great car, very economical, 50 mpg and above with mixed driving highly recommended great dealer service from Albert Berry cars in Monaghan

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