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1999 Skoda Felicia
Reviewed 05 Feb 2009

Good run about, performs well in all road conditions however I found it wanting a lot of petrol, a lot of people comment on it being economical, although it is not bad it is bad for a 1.3. Later Skodas are much better e.g. Fabia

1996 Skoda Felicia
Reviewed 27 Nov 2006

Bought for €750 flew through NCT with just a service. Never let me down in three years. James Bond it ain't but given me good service so far. Maybe I'm just lucky looking at the other reviews but would consider a Fabia on this experience.

1999 Skoda Felicia
Reviewed 15 May 2006

This Car is the last remaining Skoda the 1.3 1298ccMPi (Multi-point-injection) engine is a revised skoda favorit engine!. so its the last true Skoda. OK VW Parts are obvious such as Steering wheel and light, wiper control stalks. This car came in 4 main engine flavours. the 1.3 SPi /1.3mpi/1.6mpi/1.9 diesel the latter 1.6/1.9 begin directly VW Golf Engines. however performance from the 1.3MPI GLXi is better than the 1.6 or chunky old diesel 1.9 in performance. The GlXi comes with Electric mirrors, electric front windows, rear wiper, very attractive small alloy wheels some even have a spare wheel that's an alloy and Fog lights, all the extras you need. Its a very good car to own, both on the Motorway and in the city or country driving. And Skoda are great to deal with on spares and there pricing is very competitive. the water pump temp sensor including fitting and 5 litres of coolant cost me €110.00 inc. vat! There is more but I just cant fit it in. simply clever. Simply Skoda.

1999 Skoda Felicia
Reviewed 12 Jan 2006

Its cheap, but its with good cause. The whole VW engine thing is true (though a little underperforming) But everything else on this car is old Skoda gear... and it tells! Fuel efficiency is ok, as is space. But chronic reliability and the noise deters me from ever buying a skoda again

1999 Skoda Felicia
Reviewed 04 Oct 2005

1999 Skoda Felicia
Reviewed 21 Jul 2005

Well built, reliable cheap motoring. VW parts throughout. Cheap to service yourself and a very proven engine. Economical (37mpg city - 45mpg inter urban). Very little to go wrong. For the price it is hard to beat

1999 Skoda Felicia
Reviewed 01 Jul 2005

No performance no comfort whatsoever and not reliable at all. A fiat punto drives better than this. Back wiper comes on and of whenever it feels like it, speedometer cable tics, wind noise is irritating even the wipers hiss at speeds of over 100 kmh that is if you have a straight enough road to achive that speed. Stay away from it. I am going to sell mine asap. I feel sorry for the next owner.

1999 Skoda Felicia
Reviewed 23 May 2004

good drive but underpowered

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