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2005 Smart Roadster
Reviewed 16 May 2018

My very favorite car. My a silver Brabus. You need to drive it to feel it. Also great for advertising! Real head turner! Cheap tax & Insurance, Low MPG. What else would you ask for if you don't need the space.

2008 Smart Fortwo
Reviewed 10 Feb 2017

Smart Fortwo passion, Brabus edition, great condition, Seat heating, Leather seats, New NCT till 11/18, Motor tax due, Tax only €200p.a. Great car, never let me down, perfect for parking! €5000 ono

1999 Smart City
Reviewed 06 Nov 2008

I travelled around europe in 2004 with my partner in a smart passion city coupe. We bought it while living in the UK and in london it was a fantastic car. While in the uk the abs broke at 32k miles and it was not under warranty - cost 1100pounds to reapair. the smart garages in the uk are great as they know the cars but when we moved to ireland we found mercedes awful. we had to wait weeks for a part and we felt they really did not understand the car.It was a great car and after seeing the crash test reports it was a safe alternative to the baby fiats.I would recommend it for city use, but prepared to be blown over my large lorries and gusts of wind!

2003 Smart Roadster
Reviewed 23 Jun 2008

Cooler than a 500, which is saying something.

2004 Smart Roadster
Reviewed 23 Jun 2008

Wonderful car, and 55 mpg? Great!

2006 Smart Roadster
Reviewed 23 Jun 2008

great little car

2005 Smart Fortwo
Reviewed 12 Jul 2006

Great car, maintenance is too expensive and no dealer back up.

2005 Smart Roadster
Reviewed 20 May 2006

Great idea, fantastic to drive, great MPG Only one dealership in the country and they just don't seem to care.

2004 Smart Coupe
Reviewed 26 Mar 2006

U would grow to love it

2003 Smart City
Reviewed 13 Jan 2006

Full economy NOT as good as people say. It is in fact about 50-55 mpg - and that is driving carefully. Other than that, I love this car. Great fun to drive, very roomy inside (hard to believe), and quirky design.

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