Driver Reviews - Suzuki Swift

2008 Suzuki Swift
Reviewed 20 Nov 2017

2008 Suzuki Swift
Reviewed 21 Oct 2017

Perfect starter car, very cheap to run. Looks small but actually very spacious.

2007 Suzuki Swift
Reviewed 22 Oct 2009

Great little car, suprisingly spacious inside with lots of head room and space. Interior hasn't anything spectacular but everything you need is there,Mp3 cd changer,electric mirrors,electric front windows. The car itself drives well, a very nippy car and holds the road well. The 1.3 engine sounds well when excellerating and the revs go on for ever, you wont get blistering speeds out of it. Car is easy to keep clean also,material on seats and carpets are easily washed down.

1999 Suzuki Swift
Reviewed 14 Apr 2009

recommend. my 3rd

1995 Suzuki Swift
Reviewed 15 May 2007

2005 Suzuki Swift
Reviewed 08 May 2006

Great car! Build for its purpose!

1996 Suzuki Swift
Reviewed 19 Dec 2005

I love my suzuki! Wouldn't change it for anything!!

1998 Suzuki Swift
Reviewed 16 Aug 2004

1992 Suzuki Swift
Reviewed 26 Nov 2002

1L engine ideal for starting off. At 70mph the car starts to shake a bit. Rear seats fold down to gibe BIG boot space. Only complaint is not enough cubby holes for storage.

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