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2005 Tata Pick-up
Reviewed 15 Jun 2008

The Tata TL 4x4 is a sturdy 1.2 tonne war horse with sporty and contemporary features offering the ride and handling characteristics of a passenger car. The Tata TL 4x4 has a gradability of 72 per cent, which makes it adaptable for steep inclines. Also, the Tata TL 4x4 runs on tubeless tyres, thus ensuring that there is no fear of tyre bursting at high speeds. Additionally, to ensure luxury and comfort, air-conditioning is a standard fitment. The Tata TL 4x4 is equipped with a 1948cc indirect injection turbo-charged intercooled diesel engine generating a power output of 92 PS at 4300rpm and a torque of 190Nm at 2000-3000rpm. With a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 2.78 tons and a power / weight ratio of 33 (highest in the light truck category), the Tata TL 4x4 is a rugged beauty built to handle the toughest conditions. A five-speed synchromesh gearbox with well-distributed gear ratios facilitates easy and efficient driving. A four-wheel drive transfer case provides electronic shift on the fly feature to shift to 4x4 mode. The Tata TL 4x4 is equipped with an independent front suspension with torsion bars and double wishbones springs and a leaf spring rigid suspensions at the rear, thus providing good rigidity and comfort like an SUV.

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