Driver Reviews - Toyota Carina

1995 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 05 Apr 2009

Carina E Gti Twincam 177bhp, very quick and understated. Covered 68000 in three years with only one problem. 213000 miles and still going strong, Only traded as thirsty on juice.

1993 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 10 Jul 2007

i bought it 4 900 euro 3 years ago and its been a taxi ever since.theres 160k mls and its going strong. there a great car

1988 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 06 Jul 2007

Perfect car, economical, good value for money, cheap spare parts

1997 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 30 Nov 2006

Fantastic car which has proven to be bullet proof. present mileage is 122,000, with regular oil changes im sure it will do the same again.

1994 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 26 Jun 2006


1989 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 07 Feb 2006

Bought one for 200 euro, and took it for a 10,000km trip to Africa. Handled very well, got us safely to destination.

1989 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 23 Jan 2006

The best car ive ever owned for its time.Great reliability, bulletproof.I'd say its still running after so many years.Every one has the same opinion of them.Ahead of its time

1989 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 01 Sep 2005

This was by far and away the best car I have ever and prob ever will buy. I bought it 2nd hand in around 1992 and sold it in like 1998. Never had any trouble with it and it was sturdy, comfy and affordable. At the time it was about €10 a week and it was a 1.6 litre petrol. Loved that car!! (Miss it!)

1997 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 26 Jul 2005

The king [elvis] of cars.

1992 Toyota Carina
Reviewed 16 May 2005

200k on clock, 130k by myself in 7 years and never been let down. Unbelievable reliability. Very economical and still a good drive. Just cant kill it!!!

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