Driver Reviews - Toyota Celica

2000 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 22 Oct 2009

Great car, enough poke to feel like a drivers car. unfortunately Toyota skimmed on the finer details with cheap internal decor! not too bad on petrol and seems to handle even the most precarious drivers! expensive to tax and insure and not suitable for families. more space in the back then perceived

1990 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 01 Mar 2009

brillant car,,,,it a carlos sainz widebody,,,,,looks class,,not many around,u would get plenty of looks,,,

2001 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 23 Feb 2009


2004 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 16 Nov 2008

In order to pick up speed quickly she needs to be driven hard and revved hard. In order to drive her normally just sit relax and drive. Great fuel consumption also

2006 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 06 Nov 2008

myself and my partner both had an audi TT before a 99 and a 02 and they both broke my heart with repairs. The Celica is a really great car. Its so versatile, 4 good sized seats, a big boot, good fuel consumption and its so reliable. We have 2 celicas in our family now. I know i sound like a sales person but after years of driving VW and Audi and forking out bills for repairs,im just so happy with toyota because they never break. We have a 06 and a 02, both silver and almost identicall. they really are a fantastic car.

2004 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 15 Oct 2008

Fun to drive. Corners great

2001 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 13 Oct 2008


1994 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 06 Aug 2008

Great to drive, a real head turner, looks timeless despite being a 1994 car. Fond of the petrol on motorways;(

1989 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 01 Aug 2008

for a 20 year old car I Love it!

2001 Toyota Celica
Reviewed 12 May 2008

Best car I ever owned.


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