Driver Reviews - Toyota Estima

2003 Toyota Estima
Reviewed 14 Jan 2017

2.4 Litre

1994 Toyota Estima
Reviewed 30 Oct 2006

Have the car 8years and ran up high milage.Great car when going well.Periodically had problems which are expensive to fix with the engine mounted on its side under the middle of the car.I would recomend buying one but only a very clean low milage car and take it for a long test to make sure it isent overheating.30mpg if you drive reasonably.

1992 Toyota Estima
Reviewed 22 Jun 2006

The best MPV available

1993 Toyota Estima
Reviewed 16 Apr 2006

Great car. Some of the low awarded scores reflect that fact the competition have moved the game forward and up in recent years. these otyher vehicles cost a lot more than this one. Pound for pound this package is unbeatable. No surprises after reading the many excellent and detailed reviews from the owner clubs on the 'net. However the poor fuel consumption is still taking a little time to adjust to. A 4 wheel drive automatic will never win any awards for frugality. Overall, the benefits of this vehicle seem to outweigh that particular drawback. The kids LOVE the double sunroof and high up seating position and have boy-cotted all other forms of 4 wheeled transport.

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