Driver Reviews - Toyota Landcruiser

2004 Toyota Landcruiser GX 3.0 D4D LWB Auto
Reviewed 26 Mar 2018

Great workhorse, a tried and tested heavy duty SUV but they have been known to be prone to costly injector problems and overheating.

2009 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 19 Dec 2016

Good reliable motor

2005 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 12 Jan 2015

I had my cruiser for 7 years, almost 400,000km and no problems, it's a commercial and has pulled heavy loads and carried a lot of weight. If I drive in 6th under 2 and half thousand revs it gives a good mpg return, there is plenty of power to keep the boy racers at bay - don't mind the idiots telling you to buy german - they're shills that have never driven a Landcruiser never mind owned one, I will be buying my 3rd Landcruiser soon. In the words of the Aussies... ''If your going to the out-back bring a Land Rover, - If your thinking of coming back, - bring a Landcruiser'' If I were to fault it - it has to be the splash back onto the windscreen when driving into water, I believe this is now sorted in the new models.

2004 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 11 Mar 2011

what can i say king of the road, best vehicle ive ever had i ran up 75,000 miles on this jeep in 2 years and it never let me down apart from 1 small sensor in the throttle which was just included in the next service. i ran up an average of 120 miles a day in this jeep and when id get home in the evening i felt like i had been sitting in an armchair! extremely comfortable beautiful jeep too in my opinion its much nicer than the latest model plenty of power too when the turbo kicks in theres not much that can catch up to her, only thing i didnt like about the jeep was that ac wasnt standard i had leather and it got a bit sticky in summer!

2006 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 28 Jun 2009

Would buy again

2000 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 22 May 2009

The absolute dogs bo......

2003 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 29 Mar 2009

toyota are the dogs.... they rule the world facts+figures speck forthemselves,you see them in the arttic to the extremes in africa..

2008 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 21 Feb 2009

Avoid this 4x4 it is crap poor reliabilty. Drives like a truck from the 60's. Rolls in corners takes ages to stop poor handling steering is numb very bad build quality monkeys must be employd to build them. Buy German 4x4 build quality is better. Have a opel antara for 9 months done 70,000 kms no problems very reliable once back to garage for routine oil change drives brillanty tows trailers well can do off roading

2004 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 20 Feb 2009

range,land rover are rubbish i know i had them,what a waste of money....

2004 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 19 Dec 2008

This vehicle should have at least 200 bhp

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