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2009 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 08 Nov 2016

Low tax and cheap to run.

2000 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 02 Nov 2009

this review may not be relevant to many but I would like to share my views to the world. This model was originaly sold in Ireland but in very small numbers(the price new and new technology were the main deterents). My car(sold now) came as private japanese import. It had v few differences from the Irish model- all cosmetics-. As a normal car Prius came with lots goodies- to many to list- at a level found normaly in luxury cars. The ride of the car is v comfortable- the suspension setting offered a silencious ride-but at a cost of control in the corners. It doesn't like to be rushed through the bends. It's concept is based on smoothness and economy and not on a sporty drive. The gear box is a CVT type- common on many hybrid cars -and for easy understanding works a bit like the one in a moped. there are no specific gears that change but it is always changing pending on necesity. it takes awhile to get use to it before you can make the best of it. The engine is a bit different than normal OTTO cycle. It is design to work with this type of gearbox and it has a low torque and it is designed for low emissions and economy. It is a bit rough at high revs but together with the hybrid system offer as much power as a standard 2 litre engine. If you ignore the way the hybrid system works and the noise of the engine when you accelerate harder, you will never lack the power. THE ENGINE NOISE TOGETHER WITH THE ECONOMY DISPLAY REALLY TEACHES YOU TO DRIVE V ECONOMICAL. The car is economical anyway but by learning from it you can expect 50-60mpg in town and on the open road. The steering of the car is electricaly assisted and doesn't offer much feel to it. For soft comfy drive it is good enough.

2007 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 22 Oct 2009

This is really the beat car i ever Droe or owned,It has plenty of power when you need to overtake, The bonus is Fuel Consumption up to 100 km pg And you can squeeze more out of it by really diving in a steady manner

2008 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 06 Nov 2008

keeps cutting out in traffic

2004 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 08 May 2008

This car is way more powerful than a regular 1.5. It is smooth, very comfortable and brilliant for transporting things, plenty of room in the boot and it is huge with the back seats down. Gets more economical as mileage goes up so I'd recommend buying 2nd hand. Also, read the websites to get the best out of this car, you can really max out the mileage if you use a few little tricks.

2003 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 16 Oct 2006

Very reliable car, break pads least forever,50+ mpg (town and country), best car for commuting to work from Wicklow to Dublin.ELECTRIC acceleration.

2004 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 14 Apr 2006

excellent car, first car I have been in with no ashtray provided ? Im not that enviromentally friendly. Great conversation car everybody wanrs to know about it

2005 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 07 Nov 2005

2005 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 14 Jul 2005

This motor is just a breath of fresh air. My wife didn't want to buy this because she thought it was too gadgety - 10 minutes of her driving around in it and now I can't get it back!! Great economy, great performance for the tax/insurance bracket. Loads of room inside. I am just so happy with it. dealer service from toyota was great too.

2004 Toyota Prius
Reviewed 07 Mar 2005

I find toyota prius the best car on the market, having driven most cars from most manufacturers I find this one fantastic. Accelaration very fast, interior very comfortable, security very good, safety 100%. It is true that you do not get 67 mpg in the town, however I have managed to get 74.6 mpg out of this car when it has been driven without any undue acceleration. The test was done over 50 miles of driving. I would recommend this car to anyone considering a new car.

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