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1994 Volvo 440
Reviewed 17 Jan 2006

I think is a brilliant car and at only 17 my first car is a 2.0 litre which is very fast and good acceleration. It is easy to insure and the car is very luxury compared to the average first car like a Ford Fiesta. The top speed of mine is about 130 MPH and it does 95MPH in 3rd gear and 115MPH in fourth. It does 0-60MPH in about 6.5 Seconds and is 150+ BHP. There arent many people my age who can smoke me from the lights. I have also raced a Renault Clio 1.8 16v Tuned engine and it will keep with it.

1994 Volvo 440
Reviewed 27 Apr 2005

Brilliant reliability but utterly bollcks in every other way

1994 Volvo 440
Reviewed 17 Jul 2004

the dealer was always very helpful and very nice (main dealer)it was always ready and on time even drop out the cars out mechainally no probs but electrical problems were very bad

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