Driver Reviews - Volvo 850

1996 Volvo 850
Reviewed 20 Jun 2008

Getting rid of this was a major mistake. I decided I wanted a diesel for fuel economy and bought a used peugeot 406. There is just no comparison. If I could afford any car it would still be a volvo - after 4 weeks with the peugeot I'm looking for another volvo

1996 Volvo 850
Reviewed 16 Oct 2007

1994 Volvo 850
Reviewed 21 Aug 2006

Not quick against the boy racers, but then who needs that? It's quick when it matters, though, mainly when overtaking - gets you back on the right side of the road faster! Best value for money I've had in a car, despite unimpressive fuel return. Would I buy a Volvo again? Absolutely. Safety and comfort, in style. I'd get the 2.5 version though, for a bit more poke. Not finished with this one yet though...

1996 Volvo 850
Reviewed 18 Apr 2006

Best car I ever bought! Reliable, sturdy and bags of room

1995 Volvo 850
Reviewed 01 Apr 2006

Vovo Main Dealer service requires impovement. Under estimated in the trade and a nice car to own and drive. Later models are not built as good as this car. This car and model was the turning point for volvo but they did not keep it up i feel.

1993 Volvo 850
Reviewed 07 Feb 2006

Bit slow to accelerate for 2 litre engine. Not luxurious, but very comfortable, meets all needs.

1996 Volvo 850
Reviewed 30 Nov 2005

Awesome preformance,will out gun a Impreza,the most comfortable car i have ever owned.

1996 Volvo 850
Reviewed 25 Nov 2005

Volvo build quality,reliability with 225 horses under the bonnet. Best performance saloon car for the money.Go for the cd model and get leather,climate and cd. Image freaks concerned with boring volvo image miss out on 225bhp, 0-60 in 7 and 150mph performance.

1994 Volvo 850
Reviewed 28 Oct 2004

1994 Volvo 850
Reviewed 14 Aug 2003

This was a good solid car that I bought 6 years ago and is performing just as well today as it did then. Now has 155K on the clock with no major problems over the years.

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