Driver Reviews - Volvo S40

2003 Volvo S40
Reviewed 23 Jan 2018

Perfectly running family car

2008 Volvo S40
Reviewed 27 Nov 2017

Never given a moments trouble, lovely drive and sad to have to sell it!

2006 Volvo S40
Reviewed 02 Nov 2017

2006 Volvo S40
Reviewed 02 Jan 2017

great car

2008 Volvo S40
Reviewed 06 Dec 2016


2008 Volvo S40
Reviewed 21 Nov 2016

Great car to drive, very comfortable ride with a nice 2.0ltr engine under the bonnet.

2006 Volvo S40
Reviewed 09 Nov 2016

good clean reliable car for its age

2004 Volvo S40
Reviewed 07 Jun 2009

Stalling on start up (went back 3 times). More headlight bulbs than I can count. front headlight due to crack. Front shocks after 70k. Headlight alignment all over the place (common fault). Very noisey air con compressor (no idea why). Fault heated seat. Tracking all over the place even after it was sorted only a few months ago.

2005 Volvo S40
Reviewed 23 Dec 2008

Very comfortable, high spec, powerful and economic car. Very happy with it.

2007 Volvo S40
Reviewed 09 Sep 2008

The fuel consumption is excellent

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