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2007 Volvo S60
Reviewed 04 Nov 2017

2004 Volvo S60
Reviewed 07 Apr 2009

Since november 2008 I have covered 20,000 miles in my S60 D5 Sport, thats an average of 1,000 mls a week and thats fairly hard driving too.The car is brilliant. I defy any merc or BMW (of which I've had two) to do this with a clean record! Economy is also fantastic (manual 5 speed). Easy driving will return mid 50's and more with no problem, and even pushing on hard (cruising 85-100mph) you'll see mid 40's. The only drawback is road holding on the limit. A 3 or 5 series will keep it's composure longer in tight fast cornering but this really wont affect 95% of people in real world driving.It's a cheap car to service if you use an indy, T-belt at almost 100k, great stereo and loaded with equipment AND great value! Germany take note! I'm very happy with this car.

2006 Volvo S60
Reviewed 21 Jun 2008

Having had a S60 T5 (260bhp) for 3 yrs, I was well happy with the S60, I want to see how the car behaved with 4wd and a few more bhp, so I went searching for an S60 R AWD (300bhp). I purchased a 1 yr old manual version (11k miles) from a volvo dealer in the UK (who delivered it from Brighton to Holyhead for me). I was well impressed by the extra power and more importantly how well it power the power down through the AWD system. The equipment level in the car was well above the T5 having softer leather heated seats, a sat nav and TV system, Bi xeon lights, iPOD connector, 18inch wheels, electric sunroof. Fuel consumption is higher than T5 (29-31) - long runs 28 mpg, and 23-25 mpg for hard driving. Overall I am very happy with the S60R, a real wolf in sheeps clothing (0-60 5.4 secs) and will have a hard time finding something as good in the future. I am considering buying a PPC power upgrade (40-50 bhp) in the near future. Note of warning: service with a volvo dealership is expensive 600+euro. But genuine parts can be purchased on the web for a fraction of the cost and the procedure for resetting service lights is also avail on Web if your local service shop cant do it.

2002 Volvo S60
Reviewed 03 Jun 2008

Best car i have owned it goes like a rocket and is lovely to drive.

2003 Volvo S60
Reviewed 28 Oct 2007

Feriously fast car,extremely under rated car,exceptionally comfortable ,road holding is superb.

2003 Volvo S60
Reviewed 04 May 2007

Have had a 320d and Merc E270cdi. Volvo is streets ahead. You get out of the car after 200 plus miles and your back is perfect. Best seats and interior on the market! Only buy the D5 diesel though, the petrol 2.0T is thirsty. The power, the comfort, the stereo. Especially the stereo! The BMW one sounds positively Amstrad! Sorry, Sir Alan! Believe me, this is one of the best cruisers on the market. A must for those who put in high mileages.

2001 Volvo S60
Reviewed 12 Jul 2006

Have an Se Model and the comfort is amazing, a very understated car, and the fact that the model hasnt changed since means its still an imposing car on the road, I like this car everytime i sit into it, dont think i would sell it, its a very high spec and i expect it will run for another 200k

2005 Volvo S60
Reviewed 22 May 2006

Sheer brilliance, not glamourous like a BMW, but every bit as good.

2001 Volvo S60
Reviewed 13 Feb 2006

Great car but for the turning circle. Chews up the motorway. Extremely comfortable.

2004 Volvo S60
Reviewed 12 Dec 2005

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