Driver Reviews - Volvo S80

2008 Volvo S80
Reviewed 24 May 2017

2001 Volvo S80
Reviewed 24 Mar 2009

Great for soaking up motorway miles, lousy for soaking up pot-holes!

2000 Volvo S80
Reviewed 31 Jan 2009

These cars are terrible and the dealers know it but the image is false of a 'safe' car. These cars (2000 models) can cut out at high speed in the fast lanes of motorways, which is what happened to me twice. Very scary. The cars shouldn't be on the roads. The Americans handled it right - recall them all and sort them out before people are killed

1999 Volvo S80
Reviewed 16 Aug 2008

Very fast, really comfortable, no problems, all the toys

2000 Volvo S80
Reviewed 15 Aug 2008

Good I am sure if you buy new and service regualry.

2000 Volvo S80
Reviewed 16 Oct 2006

Very comfy car, very ecomical, lovely on trips, hard to park in town poor rear vis. fantastic stereo system 10 track CD. good and solid 2000cc lacks a bit of Torque in low acceleration , but good once up & going on the highway, passengers love it. Feels as safe car, I trust it is.

2002 Volvo S80
Reviewed 02 Apr 2006

Lovely car to drive, but thirsty and costly on servicing.

1999 Volvo S80
Reviewed 09 Dec 2005

60,000 mile with S/H. No prevous problems. Fell apart and not coming back together again serious issue with reliability and safety throttle guaranteed to fail before 100,000 miles costing 1,000 plus to repair or worse a serious accident. Recalled in the states. Check theis has been done before you bu this modle 1999-2001 otherwise walk away.

2002 Volvo S80
Reviewed 27 Sep 2005

Absolute beast to go (with a bit of work), love its diesel, and the standard turbo's best left in the boot.

1999 Volvo S80
Reviewed 21 Sep 2005

not what you would expect from a car valued at nearly 50,000 euro back up could be alot better

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