Driver Reviews - Volvo V40

2015 Volvo V40
Reviewed 25 Feb 2018

beautiful car to drive. loved it the minute I sat into it and put the foot down. feel so secure and safe in it. very economical, both city and country driving

2015 Volvo V40
Reviewed 13 Sep 2017

A lovely car with all you want from a hatchback

2004 Volvo V40
Reviewed 07 Mar 2007

I love it!

2003 Volvo V40
Reviewed 05 Jan 2007

Having said that, because it is so slim, it handles narrow roads well and the fact that the lights stay on permanently is more of a good thing than a bad one. It was easy to drive on long distance and the interior was very stylish and comfortable.

2000 Volvo V40
Reviewed 06 Sep 2006

See above - the worst car I ever had. I cannot reccommend it.

2001 Volvo V40
Reviewed 30 Jun 2006

Super family estate. Nicely styled for an estate. Great all round visibility. Favourite car that I have ever owned and wife finds so easy to drive.

2000 Volvo V40
Reviewed 01 Nov 2005

the leather feels really goods on my naked skin, it also makes me look very smart

2004 Volvo V40
Reviewed 23 May 2005

I owned a 00 S40 for 4.5 years and it was a good car, however the V40 (at least in this spec) is light years ahead. Its much more powerful than the 1.8 petrol S40 which had just enough power but was a bit boring. Put the foot down in the 1.9 TDI and you get lots of response. The interior is fantastic, leather upholstery, walnut trim, it has a real luxury car feel at a lower price. the spec all round is really high, heated seats, 16 inch alloys, front fogs, spoliers, its as if Volvo decided to throw everything into the last few V40s out of the plant. Overall very happy with it so far (touch wood), was hard to find one now that the V50s are out but I'm glad I did.

1998 Volvo V40
Reviewed 30 Jan 2005

brillant car ,feel i have to wear tweed jacket with elbow pads for the volvo driver image.

2003 Volvo V40
Reviewed 21 May 2004

Leather interior fantastic, super road holding, Go for it !

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