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2017 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 20 Nov 2019

Brilliant all-rounder

2005 Volkswagen Passat Sportline 1.6
Reviewed 11 Feb 2019

I'm now retired (72 yrs, ex military 3 countries, Fireman on foot plate Steam engins in Rhodesia,, Policeman Rhodesia, Prison Warder Rhodesia, Professional Soldier Rhodesia, Carpenter Joiner-by tradeBritian, Site manager Brittian, Senior Construction Manager Brittian - 10million plus ) bought VW Passat petrol in Suffolk where I live 3 yrs ago and never had a days problem ….German tec and its best.

2014 Volkswagen Passat
Reviewed 16 Jul 2018

Passat owner
2011 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 04 Mar 2018

The best car so far I ever own. Never let me down, running costs are cheap, and really reliable car.

2012 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 01 Mar 2018

Very economical and reliable with full service record

2010 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 23 Jan 2018

Brilliant fuel consumption.

2005 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 12 Jan 2018

2003 Volkswagen Polo
Reviewed 07 Jan 2018

great car

2005 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 18 Dec 2017

This car has never let me down and it's service schedule has always been up to date.

2006 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 30 Nov 2017

Car in very good condition. NCT valid until July 2018. Tax expires end November 2017. Full service history. Free wireless Bluetooth phone to radio transmitter, and charger. Allows you to play music from phone on car radio. Luxury "Golf" branded car mats, front and rear, in very good condition. "Check engine" light on, due to faulty o2 sensor. Doesn't affect driving and has passed NCT with this light on. Very low mileage for a 2006 car. Regularly use this car for long journeys from Dublin to Donegal and back and it's extremely comfortable and reliable - have never had any issues on these.


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